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    Who is served?

    The goal of the clinic is to primarily serve those who are unable to obtain health care otherwise. Patients are triaged by severity of illness and economic need, and, if possible, by proximity to the clinic.

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    What language does one need to speak in order to work at the clinic?

    Spanish (especially the rural form of Spanish) is spoken by the vast majority of our patients. The best way to learn ‘campasino’ Spanish is to live and work among the rural people.

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    Where does the staff live?

    The missionary staff lives in El Resbaladero, in an adobe home that has been partially remodeled, and in an apartment which was constructed on the clinic grounds. Local staff live in surrounding villages and walk to work daily.

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    Where do guests stay during their visit?

    Guests stay in a one-room apartment adjoining the staff apartment on the clinic grounds.

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    How is the work funded?

    Finances: the clinic operates on funds generated by patient visits to the clinic and by financial gifts and donated medications. A mission fund administered by Amish Mennonite Aid receives gifts for the clinic and is used only for clinic purposes. These funds purchase medications and equipment which must be purchased in the United States for use in El Salvador. It is essential to the operation of the clinic. If you are interested in contributing monetarily, please see addresses under "Contacts".

    The missionary staff is supported by Amish Mennonite Aid, who, in turn, receives funds from constituency churches and interested individuals. The local staff is paid from funds generated by the clinic through patient fees. The same locally-derived funds provide for building maintenance and utilities as well as locally purchased non-donated medications.

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    How much do patients pay?

    Patient contributions: patients pay $0.60 for a routine clinic visit, $0.25 for most lab tests, and approximately $2.00 as a contribution toward medication costs. Fees are occasionally waived for patients who cannot pay. A visit to the clinic generally costs the equivalent of a typical daily wage for a day-laborer.

    Other funding supports:
    Pro-bono services by mission staff
    Donated medications: supplied through MAP, Christian Aid Ministries, and individual physician donations

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    Who is Amish Mennonite Aid?

    Amish Mennonite Aid is a mission board that serves the Beachy Amish branch of the Amish-Mennonite churches. Founded in 1955, the mission also serves in Kenya, Paraguay, and Belize. La Clinica de las Buenas Nuevas is the only general practice clinic operated by this mission board.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Beachy Amish people, the following link gives reasonably accurate information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beachy_Amish_Mennonite

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    How can I help?

    Medication transportation: Small quantities of urgently-needed medications are transported from US donors in the personal luggage of guests visiting El Salvador. If you are willing to assist in this, please contact jana@erclinic.org.

    Prayer: The challenges for caring for such a vast group of needy people requires super-human help. We very much welcome prayer supporters and will provide updated prayer lists to those who contact us.

    Finances: If you are interested in contributing monetarily, we would appreciate it greatly. Please refer to the contacts list for mission information.

    Donation of medications: If you have access to medications for donation, they are also very welcome. We need to receive them 8 months before expiration. You may contact jana@erclinic.org about any donations you have to offer.

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